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Staff Meeting Summary 8-8-17

Sunset Heights Multistake Family History Center

Staff Meeting August 8, 2017

Welcome:  Rod Cuthbert

Opening Prayer:  By Invitation

Spiritual Thought: Rod Cuthbert

And the River Will Grow

Elder Renlund and his family discuss the prophet Ezekiel’s vision of the waters flowing from the house of the Lord. The river of water represents blessings, which flow from the temples to heal families and give them life.

To view the video go to the url below.




August 15, 11 am and 7 pm, Patron Class, James Tanner, “Family Search Catalog”

September 4, Labor Day, Center is closed

September 5, 11am and 7 pm, Patron Class

September 11, 11:30 am, Moms and Tots

September 12, 7 pm, Staff Meeting

September 19, 11 am and 7 pm, Patron Class, “Indexing”


Needs for Substitutes


Working with Patrons:  Pat Cuthbert

Policy on prayer at the beginning of shifts:

The manual states “If feasible, begin the shift with prayer.”  It is easier for the morning shift to have prayer since patrons are just starting to come. All shifts should look around to see if it is feasible. If so, have prayer, but it is not mandatory.


Auxiliary room usage: Missionaries do not require our supervision. They report to their leaders and President. They are welcome to use the main room if the mix is inappropriate in the secondary room. Patrons sometimes wish to use the secondary room.  If so, make sure we let them know we are happy to come and help if needed. Check on them occasionally to let them know we are there for them. Leave the door open on the second room.


There was some confusion on July 3rd, and most of the staff did not show up. It was actually not a 3 day holiday. Check postings around holidays for closure days. Directors will reevaluate closure dates. We will be closed on Labor Day.

Microfilm Ordering:  Don Kimball

FHC Presentation – Microfilm Ordering Discontinuation 

Copyright Issues:  Elder James Tanner

Basic Copyright Law for genealogists by James L. Tanner

Where does the law come from? The Constitution reserves all copyright actions to the Federal Courts Copyright Acts

  • 1790 – The original copyright statute
  • Major amendments
  • 1802 – added protection to prints
  • 1831­ added protection to musical compositions
  • 1870­ added fine arts including painting and sculpture
  • 1909 – maintained distinction between prepublication and post­-publication
  • 1976­ abandoned distinction


United States Code Sections

Title 17, United States Code

(17 USC, Copyrights)

37 Code of Federal Regulations Chapter 11

(37 CFR 11)


Additional Copyright Acts

Copyright Act of 1976

Berne Convention Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act

Digital Millennium Copyright Act



Work: Original works of authorship fixed in any tangible medium of expression, now known or later developed, from which they can be perceived, reproduced, or otherwise communicated, either directly or with the aid of a machine or device.


Author: Either the person who creates a copyrighted work or if the copyrighted work is created within the scope of employment, the employer of the person who creates a copyrighted work.


Collective Work: A work such as a periodical issue, anthology, or encyclopedia in which the individual authors create separate or independent works, assembled into a collective whole.


Derivative Work: A work that is based on, or modifies, one or more preexisting works. A copyright holder has an exclusive right to prepare or authorize the preparation of derivative works based on the copyrighted work.


Joint Work: A work prepared by two or more authors with the intention that their contributions be merged into inseparable or interdependent parts of a unitary whole.


Public Domain: A slippery term referring to any works not protected by copyright due to age, noncompliance with the copyright act or excessive reproduction without claim of copyright.


U.S. Government Works: U.S. Federal Government works are not usually covered by copyright But… The works may contain copyrighted material or be created under a contract preserving the author’s copyright claim.


Facts cannot be copyrighted. The creative selection, coordination and arrangement of information and materials forming a database or compilation may be protected by copyright.


Genealogists are also

  • Writers
  • Photographers
  • Bloggers
  • Artists
  • Designers

Is any portion of the work we do as genealogists covered by copyright law? Only those portions of the work that are original to the author. Facts, i.e. names, dates and places, old stories from ancestors and other copied material are not copyright protected. A portion of a work can be copyright protected and other portions may not be. Only the parts of the work that are original with you will be subject to your claim of copyright.

Resource http://copyright.cornell.edu/resources/publicdomain.cfm


Closing Prayer – By Invitation




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Staff Meeting 5-9-17

Sunset Heights Multistake Family History Center
Staff Meeting May 9, 2017

Welcome: Brent Gardner
Opening Prayer: Liliana Riboldi
Spiritual Thought: Jeanne Gunnell
I have given a lot of thought to the scripture about the hearts of the children turning to the fathers and the fathers to the children. There were a couple of experiences I had in the temple one where a brother was wondering how he could share a name with his son overseas who had helped in finding the names and another in a sealing session where the sealer was concerned about making sure he pronounced the names correctly and the patrons knowing these deceased relatives well enough to know how to pronounce the names. My son recently shared with me a story about a coworker whose husband had recently been arrested on serious criminal charges. He made the comment that it changes your feelings towards people when you know their family and circumstances. It helped me to better understand how our hearts turn to our fathers as we research and learn about them and do their temple work.

May 16, 11 am and 7 pm, Patron Class, Elder James Tanner, “Family History Guide”
June 6, 11 am and & pm, Patron Class, Elder James Tanner, “My Heritage”
June 13, 7 pm, Staff Meeting
June 20, 11 am and 7 pm, Patron Class, Sheryl Kempton, “Find My Past”
July: No patron classes or staff meeting

New Staff Members: Bevan and Elaine Wright LV 1 (Friday afternoon)

Shift Coverage: Importance of getting subs when necessary

1. Working with Patrons: Pat Cuthbert
We discussed “Gathering the Family of God” by President Henry B Eyring.
We do not know what marvels God will inspire people to create to help in His work of gathering His family. But whatever marvelous inventions may come, their use will require the Spirit working in people like you and me. This should not surprise us. After all, these are beloved sons and daughters of God. He will send whatever inspiration is needed to give them the opportunity to return to Him.

2. Kinmapper: Don Kimball
Unfortunately, Don was not able to demonstrate how to use this program due to inadequate Wifi coverage. We suggest you try it at home. To find it, click on the FamilySearch App Gallery link (at the bottom of the FamilySearch.org home page) and type in Kinmapper in the Search window. Kinmapper will use data provided by your FamilySearch family tree to map the locations where your ancestors lived. Easily see your relatives on a map and search for them by name.

3. FamilySearch Maps: Eileen Kraczek
Eileen used a PowerPoint to teach us about maps.familysearch.org. Below is her Power Point presentation, handout and case study.

PowerPoint presentation maps.familysearch.org

Maps.familysearch.org – Handout by Eileen Kraczek, Sunset Heights Family History Center, 9 May 2017

I have found this program to be very useful in locating records of my English ancestors. I also find that I feel closer to them after learning more about the area they came from. In this case I learned more about my second great-grandparents by searching for and finding their marriage record. Following are the points that were covered in the presentation.
1. Historical Maps — England & Wales Jurisdictions 1851
2. Open browser and type in maps.familysearch.org
3. Map of England and Wales will appear showing England and Wales counties—searchable by parish
4. Type name of desired parish into the “Enter a location to search” box in the upper left corner and click on the SEARCH button. Parish name must be exact or program will return “0” matches. If there is more than one parish by that name, click on your parish of interest. The location of the parish is shown on the map and an information window pops up with details about the parish.
5. The “Info” tab gives details about the parish including years of available records (Parish Records and Bishop’s Transcripts) and other religions in the area that will have records.
6. “Jurisdictions” tab next to the “info” tab shows administrative jurisdictions — parish, county, civil registration district, probate court, etc. It is useful to compare with census information. Make a list of parishes in the county to clarify spelling for SEARCH. Computer will return 0 matches for misspellings.
Other jurisdictions can also be selected by using the down arrow in the “Click map to select: box just below the title, but this will show only one jurisdiction, whereas the Layers will show as many jurisdictions as you select.
7. Note Layers tab next to Search tab in the upper left corner. The program is set to show county and parish boundaries. Click on the ”Layers” tab to select other administrative areas.
Click in the box next to the administrative area you want to see, such as the Civil Registration Districts, to add another layer of administration to the map.
8. Options tab. Question comes up “What would you like to do?”
9. Contiguous parishes. Click on this link for a list of parishes that boarder your parish. These names are links. Note that if you hover over a parish name on the list on the left a red balloon indicates the location of that parish. Click on the name for information about the parish.
10. Radius place search. This tool shows the parishes within a designated distance (1/4 to 20 miles) from your parish. Select a desired distance. Click GO.
A dark circle will highlight the parishes within the selected radius of your parish. Parishes are listed on the left in order of distance. Under “Sort method” at the top right of the list, select “alphabetical” to sort list alphabetically.
11. Click on Search the Family History Library Catalog for a list of resources about this parish. It is the same list you will find if you go to the “SEARCH” tab and select “Catalog” on the familysearch.org website and enter your parish location.
12. Other views of the map are available by clicking on the “Map —Satellite—Ordnance Survey— tabs in the upper left corner of the map. To return to the original county view of the map click on the “Reset map” button in the upper right corner just above the map.
13. Icons in the lower right corner of the map. The + and – signs are the typical icons for zooming in and out. The person icon is a link to Google maps. Click, drag and drop it in your area of interest for an up-to-date view of the parish.
14. For online tutorial see “Don’t know how to search? Find out here” under SEARCH and CLEAR buttons on the search window. Click on here for additional information about using maps.familysearch.org.

Case study showing how Maps.familysearch.org helped Eileen locate a marriage certificate for one of her ancestors. (See accompanying PowerPoint.)

1. maps.familysearch.org
Historical Maps
England & Wales Jurisdictions 1851
2. Common English Names
Thomas Atkins
1841 England Census by entering his birth year (+/-5 yr) and England—1,276 results
1851 England Census with same criteria—905 results
Thomas Atkins married to Eliza—9 results
1861 England Census—2,037 results
Married to Eliza—57

3. James Tanner
 Focus on the geographic location.
 Location must be as precise as possible.
 Must be correctly identified.
 Start with a known location.
 Most common errors involve places.
4. Vital Information in Family Tree about Thomas Atkins—what I know about my Thomas Atkins
5. Unfortunate merge between Eliza and an Eliza who was married to a Thomas Atkins from Kelshall, England.
• Google Kelshall. Distance from Dudley, Worcestershire, England to Kelshall, Hertfordshire, England.
• Search surrounding parishes for marriage record in hope of stopping this kind of nonsense.
• Use maps.familysearch.org to learn about surrounding parishes.
6. Open browser and type in maps.familysearch.org
7. Map of England and Wales showing counties—searchable by parish. Parish name must be exact.
8. Type Dudley into the search box and click on the SEARCH button
9. Select Dudley (St. Thomas) from the parish: information window pops up. Notice other places in area, dates for Parish Records and Bishop’s Transcripts, and other religions in area.
10. Compare Dudley parish information. Parishes are very close. Three are created from Dudley St Thomas.
11. Jurisdiction tab shows administrative jurisdictions — parish, county, civil registration district, probate court, etc.
• When doing census research, compare with census information to make certain you have the right census.
• Make parish list to clarify spelling for SEARCH. Computer will return 0 matches for misspellings.
12. Options tab. What would you like to do? Contiguous parishes. Radius place search. Family Search Library Catalog.
13. Contiguous parishes list. (Note red balloon. Hover over parish name. Balloon shows location.)
14. Radius place search. Select 5-mile radius. Click GO.
15. Dark circle highlights parishes within a 5-mile radius of Dudley. Parishes are listed on left in order of distance.
16. Under sort method, select alphabetical to sort list alphabetically
17. To narrow number of records to search, look for marriage record in Civil Records. Freebmd.org.uk. Click on SEARCH button.
18. Freebmd.org.uk Search window. Enter search information. Click on FIND.
19. Thomas Atkins married in Stourbridge. Where is that? (Note District, Volume, Page)
20. Back to the map. Click on Layers tab located next to Search tab in upper left corner to access Jurisdictions list.
21. Click in box next to Civil Registration Districts to add another layer of administration to map
22. Red lines show Stourbridge registration district to be contiguous to Dudley district.
23. Certificate of marriage. Now that we know the parish we have narrowed the field to search for a church record for this marriage. Back to map.
24. Kingswinford Click on parish name in list to get “Info” on Kingswinford.
25. Note other places included with Kingswinford. Parish Records begin 1603 and Bishop’s Transcripts 1666. Click on Options tab.
26. Select Family History Library Catalog to see available resources for Kingswinford.
27. Search results for Kingswinford parish. Church records are available for marriages in 1842.
28. A digital copy of the banns is found in Genealogical Society Film # 1,470,766.
29. For online tutorial see “Don’t know how to search? Find out here” under SEARCH / CLEAR buttons on the search window. Click on here for additional information about using maps.familysearch.org.
Closing Prayer: Larry Jensen


Sunset Heights Multi-stake Family History Center
Staff Meeting April 11, 2017

Welcome: Brent Gardner
Opening Prayer: Steve Jones
Spiritual Thought: Pat Cuthbert

From the Conference talk by Henry B. Eyring : Gathering the Family of God

God the Father wants His children home again, in families and in glory. He wants us to come to Earth, following the eternal pattern of families that exists as the order of heaven. April 3 marked the 181st year since Elijah came and gave to Joseph Smith the Priesthood power to seal families eternally, even our kindred dead. His plan gives all his children the opportunity to accept or reject his plan. Families are at the heart of his plan.

April 18, 11 am and 7 pm, Patron Class, Elder James Tanner, “Latest Changes Feature to FS”
May 2, 11 am and 7 pm. Patron Class, Cheryl Fugal “DNA and Ancestry.com”
May 9, 7 pm, Staff Meeting
May 8, 11:30 am, Moms and Tots
May 16, 11 am and 7 pm, Patron Class, Elder James Tanner, “Family History Guide”
1. Dealing with transients: Brent Gardner
Transients or individuals seeking aid should be directed to the Transition Services Office at the Deseret Industries, 1415 North State Street in Provo. Their phone number is 801-818-6156. The office is open
10 am-3 pm Monday thru Friday. After 3 PM, direct them to the Provo Police Department (311 or 801-852-6200). The police will assist in getting them services if they have a photo ID. We can also refer them to the Food & Care Coalition 299 E. 900 S. Provo (801-373-1825).

2. Managing Passwords: Don Kimball

FHC Presentation – Passwords

3. New Indexing Program: Jeanne and Bob Gunnell

Web Based Indexing

Web Based Indexing is the new indexing program that is a part of the FamilySearch website. Right now it is slowly being rolled out to new users – a process which they hope to have completed by the end of summer. There is still a need to finish indexing and arbitrating projects on the old program which needs to be done before they can completely shut it down. Some of the advantages to the new program are that it is part of FamilySearch and is accessed through FamilySearch. This makes it possible to index on tablets, iPads, and Chromebook because you don’t need to download the program. For those with indexing callings the reporting is easier because it is based on your LDS Account info. You can also form your own indexing groups and work on specific projects. It is also easier to keep track of your individual progress.

To access this program you log into familysearch.org. Under the indexing button you go into Web Indexing. This takes you to the page where you can see messages, see your progress and go into batches. When you go into find batches you can set your preferences and then you can mark the star on batches you like to set them as your favorites and access them easier. By clicking on the image next to the project name it will show you an example.

When you open a batch the project instructions will open and you can review those. They can also be accessed various ways from the indexing page. A very helpful tool is found if you click the help button and go to labs. It is the “Show Me How-Guided Help” tool and to use it click the box where it says active. This will show you where to find the various features and tools on the program. As long as it is on it will also work in Family Tree. A couple of other nice features again found in the help section are the “Keyboard Shortcuts” which is a list of shortcuts for Windows & Mac and also the “Share Batch” & “Open Shared Batch” that allow you to share the batch you are working on with a helper and they can see exactly what it is you are working on.

The best way I’ve found to get familiar with this program is to go in and play around with it getting used to the differences between it and the old program. Until you are invited to join you should be able to access the beta version move around in there.

Closing Prayer: Thayle Wilkins


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Staff Meeting 3-14-17


Sunset Heights Multistake Family History Center

Staff Meeting March 14, 2017


Welcome:  Brent Gardner

Opening Prayer:  Blaine Hall

Spiritual Thought:  Rod Cuthbert

Rod bore a strong testimony that life continues beyond the veil. He then showed a video focusing on the promised blessings of doing family history and temple work.

Staff changes:  Kerri Andersen, Beth Wright, David Patten, Norman and Becky McClellan


March 21, 11 am & 7 pm, Don Kussee, “Between the Censuses”

March 31, Native American Research CANCELLED

April 4, 11 am & 7 pm, Patron Class, “Help from Roots Tech 2017”

April 10, 11:30 am, Moms and Tots

April 11, 7 pm, Staff Meeting

April 18, 11 am and 7 pm, Elder James Tanner “Changes to Family Search Person Page”



1.  Dealing with transients: Brent Gardner

 Transients or individuals seeking aid should be directed to the Transition Services Office at the Deseret Industries, 1415 North State Street in Provo.  Their phone number is 801-818-6156. The office is open 10 am-3 pm Monday thru Friday.  After 3 PM, direct them to either the Orem Police Department (801-229-7070) or the Provo Police Department (311 or 801-852-6200). The police will assist in getting them services if they have a photo ID.

 2. Working with Patrons:Pat Cuthbert

Pat reminded us that when we work with new patrons, one way to invite the Spirit of Elijah is to have them tell us a story about one of their ancestors. She made it clear that patrons are not interested in hearing stories about our ancestors.New Printers & How to Select One:Don Kimball

 3. New Printer /Scanner: Don Kimball

Don created a presentation showing the various copying and scanning features of our new printers and how to use them.



4. Elder James TannerFHC Presentation – New Scanner Printer (2)

Elder Tanner introduced us to a new APP called Pedigree Pie. It can be found in the FamilySearch APP Gallery. It links you to your FamilySearch data and shows ethnicity percentages back to your 6x great grandparents.

He also talked about 3 ways to access others’ trees as a helper.

  1. Ask for the person’s ID and their parents’ IDs. Disadvantage is that if you make any changes, your name will be identified as the person making the change, not the person whose tree it is.
  2. Get the person’s helper number and log in.
  3. Use the new Consultant Planner to invite others to let you see their tree. This is a great new tool. To access, go to Get Help on the home page, and then click on Help Others. With just the person’s name and email address, you can send an email invite. If they accept, you can then see their tree, do preliminary research, and create lesson plans to help teach them how to find names to take to the temple. Another advantage of this approach is that their tree will remain accessible to you for however long you desire.

Elder Tanner spent the remaining few minutes introducing the class to the Family History Guide. This is a powerful new resource to learn how to do genealogy. It is the most comprehensive training aid now for users of FamilySearch. It is structured, sequential, and authorized by the Church curriculum department for instruction is Church classes. It is useful for the beginner who needs to learn the most basic procedures, such as how to use a mouse, to the most experienced researcher who may need guidance in researching foreign countries. You can also choose which language you would prefer to view. It has already been made available for use on laptops and will shortly be available for use on mobile devices. To access, just go to thefhguide.com.


Closing Prayer: Everett Young


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Staff Training 2-14-2017

Sunset Heights Multi-stake Family History Center

Staff Meeting February 14, 2017

Spiritual Thought:  Bob Gunnell: Several years ago we decided to visit the cemetery where my great-great grandmother was buried.  Not knowing where she was buried we set out to find her headstone.  When we found it we found that it was quite worn and crumbled.  She had had a very hard life and we felt bad that this was what had happened to her headstone.  We worked with extended family members to replace it.  Through this process I felt a closeness to her and since that experience have felt that she has given me help as I have worked on finding members of her family and doing the temple work for them.  I know that as we help those who have passed on they will help us as we seek out their families so the work can proceed.

Staff changes:  New staff member Kerri Andersen LV5.


February 21, 11 am & 7 pm, Elder James Tanner, “Standardization”

March 7, 11 am & 7 pm, Cheryl Fugal “Finding Names to Take to the Temple”

March 13, 11:30 am, Moms and Tots

March 14, 7 pm, Staff Meeting

March 21, 11 am & 7 pm, Don Kussee, “City Directories and other Information between Censuses”

March 31, 1 pm to 4:30, Southwest Indian Mission Reunion, classes on Native American research


Working with Patrons:  Pat Cuthbert

Just as we do temple ordinances for people one at a time, we also help Family History Center patrons one at a time. When we hear the doorbell ring we get a parking tag as we go out the door of the center to open the outside door for them. We greet them with a smile and ask them if they already have a parking tag. If not, we offer to wait for them to place the tag on their dashboard or hang it from their mirror.

As they come in we ask if they have been at the center before. If not we help them get signed in. Everyone should turn to greet patrons as they come in.  We begin by asking what they were hoping to do today and offer assistance if they need it. Our goal should be to give each patron a good experience that day.

Important Changes to Family History Callings and Roles:  Sharlene Gardner

 A new directive from the First Presidency informs us that all members serving in family history callings will now be called Temple and Family History Consultants.  The reason for the change:

  • Emphasize the close relationship between temple service and family history
    • Greatest blessings derived when done together
  • Align the FH Organization throughout the Church and simplify the purpose and role of the calling

The basic organization has also changed to now include Stake Temple and Family History Consultants. (These would include, but not be limited to, Stake Indexing Specialists, FHC Directors and Assistant Directors, etc.)

The first responsibility of all temple and family history consultants, whether on the ward, stake, or area level, is to proactively help members have personalized one-on-one family history experiences that allow patrons the opportunity to learn in the context of their own family tree.

Each person under our stewardship should receive a personalized one-on-one experience led by an experienced temple and family history consultant.  (Even if you feel you already know how to find family names for the temple doing descendancy research, everyone should have this experience as a model when teaching others.

New tools are in place to help you as a trainer.  When you go to GET HELP > HELP OTHERS, you will now have access to The Consultant Planner, where you can invite or add a person to have a one-on-one experience.  If they accept, you will see a link giving you access to their tree.  Prepare in advance finding names for the patron so you can be assured they will have a successful experience. A lesson plan form is provided, encouraging you to prepare lessons that are intended to last only about 30 minutes.

“Roots Tech 2017”:  Don Kussee

  1. Majority of effort in 2016 was the conversion of FamilySearch to a new computer system. The new system is cloud based and allows expansion during busy times. This new system also includes the old New.FamilySearch so now all people can be merged.
  2. A new mobile app “lite” has been developed for areas of the world where smart phones cannot be used because of bandwidth or cost limitations. It presents most all of the data the smart phone app does, but in smaller data bytes. Smart phones get 3MB per screen. Lite send 31 K.
  3. The Memory mobile app is being expanded so photos can be uploaded from Facebook and Instagram.
  4. The Family Tree app has a new section (the 3 bars on the top left) that displays:Ancestors with Tasks, Reserved Ordinances, and The ability to Search Historical Records from your phone.
  5. Future plans for FamilySearch include the expansion of information on living persons. Building a ”group” that could share living person private information so those within the group can use the same data, share To Do list, pictures, etc.
  6. Future plans for the watch notifications will include automatic notification when changes occur in your direct line, for information you have entered, for information you have changed, for deceased persons.

In 2016 there were 2.5 million names added per week to the current 1.1 billion names.  There were 562,000 new contributors added to the current 3.4 million. There were 708,000 new sources added to the current 8 million sources. One person has reserved ordinances for 365,000 people.

Closing Prayer:  Max Henrie


Historical Records Search

When you are signed into your FamilySearch account and you are searching for historical records, FamilySearch identifies which records in the search results are already attached to a person in the tree. Ancestors located in the record and in your family tree are marked by an icon.

If there is an icon, the record is attached.  If there is no icon, the record is not attached. If you are not signed in to your FamilySearch account, FamilySearch will encourage you to log in to see attached records of your ancestors.

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January 10, 2017 Staff Training

Director Brent Gardner shared the following:

Our responsibility in the Family History Center is to help others discover their families and submit their names for temple ordinances.  This can bring joy to us and to our patrons.  As Elder Quentin L. Cook has counseled:

“Never forget that family history—and the temple ordinances enabled by it—is an essential part of the work of salvation and that participation in this sacred work for the dead blesses the lives of the living. It strengthens our faith in and commitment to the gospel, helps us resist temptation, draws our families closer together, and strengthens our wards and stakes.

As an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, I promise that if you look beyond the bonds of time and mortality and help those who cannot help themselves, you will be blessed with more closeness and joy in your family and with the divine protection afforded those who are faithful in His service.”


  1. Guest Brian Romrell solicited help from our staff members at the Lakeview and Vineyard Family Discovery Day, Saturday, January 21.
  2. Staffing: Steve Jones from SH5 has now joined our staff and will work on Wednesday mornings.

We have a need for more staff on Tuesday afternoon and Friday afternoon.

  1. We have a new printer for the main room. Don Kimball will install it soon.
  2. Sharlene talked about our Family History Center Blog, encouraging everyone to subscribe to the blog, if they haven’t done so previously. You can also bookmark the blog on their home computers.  Each shift should take note of who missed the meeting and encourage then to read the staff meeting summary posted each month after the meeting.
  3. A sign-up sheet was circulated soliciting topic suggestions for patron classes, tech tips, and staff training.


January 17, 11 am & 7 pm, Mary Ryan, “Obscure Elements in FamilySearch”

January 21, 9 am to 12 noon, Family Discovery Day Fair (Vineyard & Lakeview stakes)

February 7, 11 am & 7 pm, Larry Jensen, “Alternate Ways of Attaching Sources”

February 8-11, RootsTech Conference

February 13, 11:30 am, Moms and Tots

February 14, 7 pm, Staff Meeting

February 21, 11 am & 7 pm, Elder James Tanner, “Standardization”


Working with Patrons:  Pat Cuthbert, “Housekeeping.”


Keeping Our Center Clean and Tidy
Two of the things that distinguish our Temples are quiet beauty and cleanliness. As an extension of that, we would like to keep our Center clean and tidy and for the most part quiet.
If you arrive and the walks are icy, you can find deicer and a shovel either inside the door or in the janitorial closet down the first left hall just before the gym doors. We don’t want any Staff or patrons in danger of falling.  Of course if it is deep or heavy, it is cleaned for us.
The desks and computers are cleaned weekly.  To protect us all, at the beginning of each shift, please use the disinfectant wipes found in the microfilm machine closet. Wipe off your mouse and keyboard and two others.
Also, use the sticky roller in the paper supplies closet to roll up any floor debris at the end of your shift. Chairs should be pushed in, computers straight, feet boosters up on side between tables and things generally tidy as you leave. We so appreciate your willingness to serve in this Dedicated Center.

Tech Tip:  Don Kussee, “Multi-pane windows.”

Splitting the screen in two so different web sites can be seen at the same time makes the comparison of the data or copying the data easier. This is done 1. By left clicking  “restore down” icon (the middle Window control icon between the “minimize” and “Close”) resizing the window to be half the screen. 2. Right clicking the browser icon on the task bar and choosing “new Window” a second instance of the web browser is created. 3. Repeat step 1 for the second web browser and you can display both web browsers at the same time on the same screen.

Staff Training:  Larry Jensen, “FamilySearch Wiki.”

 The Research WIKI can

  1. Help you begin your family Work
  2. Help choose a record to search
  3. Help you find sources for a record
  4. Help you learn how to interpret and use a record: languages, script, etc.


Family Tree 

The View My Relationship link will be updated to calculate the relationship between you and a specific person in your tree. In some cases the search parameter has been expanded from the current 4 generations up and 1 generation down to 15 generations in both directions.

You may be related to an ancestor in more than one way, including through a spouse. Family Tree will show you the relationship that is calculated first.

Updates to Memories

  • In the Gallery view, you can now hover over a thumbnail to preview a larger image.
  • In the Gallery list view, you can now add a title.
  • In the Gallery list view, you can now see whether an image has been restricted:
  • When you are looking at a specific memory, you have the option of adding another location or performing other actions (favorites, sharing options, and other functions) will also appear.


Next staff meeting: Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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October 11, 2016 Staff Meeting

Staff meeting summary

Director Sharlene Gardner shared the following:

What a blessing for all of us to listen to General Conference this month and have our spirits renewed and our faith bolstered. Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles focused his remarks on a list of things we can do that will help us stay faithful and steadfast, even if storms of doubt invade our lives through the actions of others.

One important point that he stressed was to not forget our heritage – to forever remember their legacy of faithfulness and sacrifice. His remarks caused me to reflect on the testimony of one of my own ancestors and how thankful I am that his testimony of the gospel has been preserved and shared on FamilySearch for the benefit of all his posterity.

This ancestor died crossing the plains while a member of the Hodgett Wagon Train that accompanied the Martin and Willie Handcart companies. Quoting from his life story, shared in the Memories section of FamilySearch, “Father William suffered in desperate pain. One night, after their company had traveled 2 days from the Platt River, he begged his wife to have Louisa drive by the side of the road and let him die in peace. A few days later, William called his family to his wagon and said,


His counsel to his family comes back to me over and over again as I live out my life. Although he didn’t know at the time how his words would strengthen my testimony, through these shared experiences, I have come to love him and look forward to someday meeting him and thanking him personally for the impact he has had on my life.

May we all remember our forebears, learn all we can about them and share their experiences that can uplift and strengthen others. Likewise, may we all feel prompted to write down and share our own faith-promoting experiences to the benefit of all who will someday read them.

  1. Staff Changes:

We welcome Liliana Riboldi from the SH 2nd Ward who is now serving on the Thursday afternoon shift. She speaks Spanish and is willing to assist patrons on other shifts.

  1. Calendar and upcoming classes:

  • October 17, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM, Moms and Tots Doing Family History, Instructor: Kenni Wilcox.
  • Oct 18, 11 AM repeating at 7PM FamilySearch and Ancestry-Working Together, instructor: Cheryl Fugal.
  • November 1, 11 AM repeating at 7 PM Mapping My Ancestors, Instructor: Elder James Tanner.
  • November 14, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM, Moms and Tots Doing Family History, Instructor: Kenni Wilcox.
  • November 15, 11 AM What’s new on FamilySearch, Instructor: Larry Jensen.
  • November 15, 7 PM Staff Meeting. Because of election day on November 8, the staff meeting for November will be held on the third Tuesday and combined with Larry Jensen’s class What’s new on FamilySearch.
  • No Staff meeting in December.
  • Family History Center will be closed the last two weeks in December.
  1. Training:

  • Working with patrons – How to help patrons who are stuck. – Pat Cutbert   How To Help the Patron Who Feels “Stuck”
    As staff members, it may help us develop our ability to help Patrons to just think about what are frequently asked questions. We can then individually see what we need to do to become more proficient with. A common basic “stuck” is “I have forgotten my password”. The class also listed: indexing, patronymics, starting at the end instead of the beginning, merging. How do I get into partner sites? I need 10 names to take to the temple and only have a short time to be here. Also how to connect the living to the deceased lines. I challenge each person to take a couple of topics and improve their abilities.
  • Tech Tips – Using the FHC Scanner to Upload to a USB-Don Kimball fhc-presentation-scan-to-usb-don-kimball
  • My Heritage- Larry Jensen

MyHeritage uses several matching technologies for family history research. These include Smart Matching, Record Matching, Record Detective, Instant Discoveries, Global Name Translation, and Search Connect. Smart Matching is used to cross-reference one user’s family tree with the family trees of all other users. The feature allows users to utilize information about their families from other, possibly related users.[2] Record Matching is similar except that it matches and compares family trees to historical records rather than other family trees.[25][26]
Record Detective is a technology that links related historical records based on information from one historical record. It also uses existing family trees to make connections between records (for instance, a death certificate and a marriage license).[33] Instant Discoveries is a feature that compares users’ family trees to other family trees and records, and then instantly shows them a large amount of information about their family found in these sources, packaged as an entire new branch they can add to their trees.[38] Global Name Translation allows users to search for a relative in their preferred language but get historical documents with their relative’s name in other languages.[11]


  • A Child’s Anchor in the Wind. Sister Rosemary M. Wixom, general president of the Primary, taught at the 2016 RootTech that when our children know “where they come from” they are better able to withstand the winds of adversity. Read and Watch Sister Wixom’s full talk here: https://www.lds.org/topics/family-history/familydiscoveryday/wixom/a-childs-anchor-in-the-wind?lang=eng
  • Memories App: Audio Recording When recording audio, you can now use suggested questions provided from FamilySearch to conduct interviews and learn more about your ancestors.
  • Family Tree Mobile: Access the Ancestry Website. You can search Ancestry for a person’s historical records. On the person page, the app has an option to search records for that persons in FamilySearch. The app will also let you choose “Ancestry” and will open a browser on the device and take the user to the Ancestry website. For more information, go to the FamilySearch Blog: https://familysearch.org/blog/en/whats-familysearchaugust-2016

Next Staff Meeting: November 15, 2016



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September 13, 2016 Staff Meeting

Staff Meeting Summary:

Directors Ken and Cheryl Fugal shared information about their new calling, Area Family History Advisers, and thanked the staff for their support and good wishes. New directors are in process of being called.


1. Staff Changes:

  • We welcome Marie Deets from the SH2nd Ward who is now serving on the Friday afternoon shift.
  • We welcome Marilyn Hale from the CH7th Ward who is now serving with her husband Allan on the Wednesday morning shift.
  • Jane Ann Trosper is moving from the Friday afternoon shift to the Tuesday morning shift.
  • Brooks and Libby Aagard are on a leave of absence. We hope they will be back after the first of the year.
  • We thank Rudi Lehnardt for his faithful service at the Center.

2. Calendar and upcoming classes:
September 19, 11:30- 12:30 PM, Moms and Tots- Family Trees, Instructor: Kenni Wilcox
September 20, 11 AM and 7 PM, Researching the Women on Your Family Tree, Instructor: Marilyn Thomsen
October 4, 11 AM repeated 7 PM, Find A Grave/ Billion Graves, Instructor: Elder James Tanner
October 11, 7 PM, Staff Meeting
October 17, 11:30 AM- 12:30 PM, Moms and Tots Doing Family History- My Story, Instructor: Kenni Wilcox
October 18, 11 AM repeated 7 PM, FamilySearch and Ancestry- Working Together, Instructor: Cheryl Fugal


1. Tech Tips- Using the FHC Scanner to Upload Photos and Documents to FamilySearch– Don Kimball
2. Cleaning Up the Mess in Family Tree – Elder James Tanner
See Elder Tanner’s blog for more information:


1. It’s now easier to create a FamilySearch account. One of the roadblocks many Church members have when creating an account on FamilySearch is in not knowing their record number.  FamilySearch uses this to verify who you are, build your family tree for the first time, and allow access for members to use temple features.  If new users start to create an account but don’t know their Record Number, they can choose instead to answer some questions proving who they are.  After verifying the answers against Church membership information, FamilySearch will be able to add the record number to their account so they can do temple work for their ancestors.  The feature is currently available in English.  Other languages will follow.
2. New home page. FamilySearch will soon be rolling out a new dashboard for you when you are logged in to FamilySearch. The content on dashboard will be customized to you based on your preferences and activity in the Tree. You will be able to view photos and read stories about your ancestors that have been recently added from other patrons. You can comment on these photos and stories and share them on social media.
FamilySearch will also provide recommended tasks that you can view and then work on to further your family history work. In addition, there is a list of recently viewed ancestors so you can pick up where you left off and a to-do list so you can plan your future work. This new dashboard will help inspire you to learn more about your ancestors and give you tools that will help you complete your family history work.
For more information on these changes and others go to-https://familysearch.org/blog/en/whats-familysearchaugust-2016/
Next Staff Meeting: October 11, 2016

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August 9, 2016 Staff Meeting

Staff Meeting Summary:

Director Ken Fugal shared the following:

Wilford Woodruff, while President of the Church, was able to speak with Joseph Smith in the Spirit World. Wilford: “Why are you in such a hurry?” Joseph: “I will tell you. Every dispensation that has had the priesthood on the earth has had a certain amount of work to do to prepare to go to the earth with the Savior. Each dispensation has had ample time. We have not. We are in the last dispensation, and so much work has to be done, and we need to be in a hurry to accomplish it.”  (Discourses of Wilford Woodruff p. 288-89) In the Doctrine and Covenants, the Lord said, “Behold, I will hasten my work in its time”. President Thomas S. Monson in the June 2014 Ensign, tells us: We, as spirit children of our Heavenly Father, were sent to earth at this time that we might participate in hastening this great work.

The Lord has never, to my knowledge, indicated that His work is confined to mortality. Rather, His work embraces eternity. I believe He is hastening His work in the spirit world. I also believe that the Lord, through His servants there, is preparing many spirits to receive the gospel. Our job is to search out our dead and then go to the temple and perform the sacred ordinances that will bring to those beyond the veil the same opportunities we have.

Every good Latter-day Saint in the spirit world is busy, said President Brigham Young (1801–77). “What are they doing there? They are preaching, preaching all the time, and preparing the way for us to hasten our work in building temples here and elsewhere.”

Regarding our ancestors who have passed on without a knowledge of the gospel, President Joseph F. Smith (1838–1918) declared, “Through our efforts in their behalf their chains of bondage will fall from them, and the darkness surrounding them will clear away, that light may shine upon them and they shall hear in the spirit world of the work that has been done for them by their children here, and will rejoice with you in your performance of these duties”.

There are millions upon millions of spirit children of our Heavenly Father who never heard the name of Christ before dying and going into the spirit world. But now they have been taught the gospel and are awaiting the day when you and I will do the research necessary to clear the way so that we can go into the house of the Lord and perform for them the work that they themselves cannot perform.

Monthly Business:

  1. Keypad and building fobs– Keys have been replaced by fobs in the Sunset Heights Stake Center. The FHC keypad on the outside door is functioning and there is also a lock feature in place. We will continue to leave the door locked and have patrons use the bell.
  1.  Sign In /Sign Out Issues
  • Some staff members are signing in and out multiple times during the same shift.  Please use the the bypass the sign in when moving to another computer so you don’t have to sign in again. You can also do this for patrons who want to move to another computer.
  • Missionaries should select Orem Utah Mission rather than the stake to which they are assigned. Please remind them of this.
  •  If you sign in and out on the computer, don’t sign the roll for a class or for staff meeting. We will take roll for the staff meeting so unless you are on the Tuesday evening shift, don’t sign in on the computer.
  1. Calendar and upcoming classes:

August 16, 11 11 AM and 7 PM, Census Records, Instructor: Marilyn Ellis
September 5, Closed, Labor Day
September 6, 11 AM and 7 PM, Untangling the Mess in Family Tree, Instructor: James Tanner
September 13, Staff Meeting, 7 pm
September 19, 11:30- 12:30 PM, Moms and Tots, Instructor: Kenni Wilcox
September 20, 11 AM and 7 PM, Researching the Women on Your Family Tree, Instructor: Marilyn Thomsen


  1. Working with Patrons– Pat Cuthbert- Engaging Patrons

Pat led a discussion of how to engage the patrons. You start with doorbell. A staff member who is the least busy should quickly respond by picking a parking tag and going to door. Patrons should be cheerfully greeted and if they don’t have a parking tag already; the staff member will wait at the door while they go back to their car. Then the staff welcomes them and introduces themselves. As the patron enters the room, all staff should turn to welcome them. The escort will visit with the patron to see what their level of knowledge is and what they hope to accomplish today. They should first sign into the Center, and be reminded to sign out at the end of their session. The escort will establish if the patron needs teaching or just reminded we are there to help if they have questions. For the most part the patron needs to be the one in charge of operating the computer and mouse. Stephen Rockwood is the new CEO of Family Search. He is carrying on with Dennis Brimhall’s plan to “turn Family Search upside down” by engaging patrons with pictures and stories instead of charts and information. Change is part of the process and we must move forward with positive attitudes.

  1. Tech Tips– Don Kimball

Click to view presentation:  Don Kimball Backups

  1. A Few Techno-Facts about FamilySearch Tree– Cheryl Fugal

Click to view presentation:  A few techno-facts about FamilySearch Tree


A few notes random notes from the BYU Family History and Genealogy Conference.

Hints and Searching on Family Tree

  1. When you search from the person page on Family Tree, the search engine takes into account the alternate names that have been added for that individual.
  2. When Hints are generated for an individual, the search engine uses all the information about that individual as well as information about the individual’s close family. According to Robert Kehrer, the Hints feature finds ‘golden stuff’- records about the individual that searching from the person page won’t find.
  3. If a new individual is added to Family Tree, hints are generated in 10 minutes.

FH Consultants

  1. Soon there will be a Helper Portal that will make it easier to assist others.
  2. A comment made by one of the presenters at the conference was, “FH consultants who don’t recruit people to help are kind of like missionaries who sit in the church and wait for people to come to them”.

Mobile Apps

  1. Updates are made to the Family Tree App every 2 weeks. You should have you phone set on auto update in order to always be using the latest version.
  2. Project manager Todd Powell said the most effective way to engage youth is by using the mobile apps to introduce family history.
  3. You can do 85% on the mobile apps of what you can do on the computer. Merging duplicates and the icons for Data Problems/ Research Suggestions are coming.

Source Linker

  1. Changes are coming to make it easier, faster and more interactive.
  2. FamilySearch has some high quality trees. They don’t want to show sources for these on the same level as FamilySearch’s historical records, but eventually you will know when you have a hint from one of these genealogies.
  3. You may eventually be able to change existing data on your tree from source linker.

Personalized Home Page

  1. To try out the new home page, go to familysearch.org/lihp-arches. To change permanently to the new home page, go to familysearch.org/lihp/arches/1.
  2. There will be an activity feed of what’s happening on your tree.
  3. Recommended Tasks will be based on your skill level that will be determined by your past activity on Family Tree.


You can now send messages through the FamilySearch.org messaging system to the contributor of a GEDCOM in the Genealogies section, if that person is known.


Next Staff Meeting: September 13