Orem Sunset Heights Family History Center

This site is owned by the FHC director. It is not an official site of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Using the Projector and Laser Pointer

Our Instructors have the option of using the projector when teaching classes at the center. The projector is connected to Computer #12 and the display can be mirrored on the projector screen. The remote for the projector and the laser pointer are both located in the box in the closet labeled “Projector Remote”.

Turn On Projector

1. Use the remote (white) to turn on the projector by pointing it toward the projector and pressing the green power button, for about 1 second.

2. Wait about 60 seconds for it to warm up. A blue screen should be projected.

3. On Computer #12, press the black/white monitor icon on the bottom taskbar. This will cause the projector to mirror the computers’s display onto the projector screen.

Turn Off Projector

1. Turn off the projector by pressing the white remote’s green power button twice, for about 1 second each press.

2. On Computer #12, press the black/white monitor icon on the bottom taskbar. This will return the computers’s display back to normal.

Wireless Presenter Remote / Laser Pointer

To use the Wireless Presenter Remote (resembles a skinny, black mouse), remove the back cover from the pointer and remove the small flat USB dongle from beside the battery. Insert the dongle into a USB port on the computer you are using for the presentation. The remote may be used to advance the slides during the presentation, black out a slide while a discussion is taking place and as a laser pointer.


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