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Staff Meeting 4-11-17

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Sunset Heights Multi-stake Family History Center
Staff Meeting April 11, 2017

Welcome: Brent Gardner
Opening Prayer: Steve Jones
Spiritual Thought: Pat Cuthbert

From the Conference talk by Henry B. Eyring : Gathering the Family of God

God the Father wants His children home again, in families and in glory. He wants us to come to Earth, following the eternal pattern of families that exists as the order of heaven. April 3 marked the 181st year since Elijah came and gave to Joseph Smith the Priesthood power to seal families eternally, even our kindred dead. His plan gives all his children the opportunity to accept or reject his plan. Families are at the heart of his plan.

April 18, 11 am and 7 pm, Patron Class, Elder James Tanner, “Latest Changes Feature to FS”
May 2, 11 am and 7 pm. Patron Class, Cheryl Fugal “DNA and Ancestry.com”
May 9, 7 pm, Staff Meeting
May 8, 11:30 am, Moms and Tots
May 16, 11 am and 7 pm, Patron Class, Elder James Tanner, “Family History Guide”
1. Dealing with transients: Brent Gardner
Transients or individuals seeking aid should be directed to the Transition Services Office at the Deseret Industries, 1415 North State Street in Provo. Their phone number is 801-818-6156. The office is open
10 am-3 pm Monday thru Friday. After 3 PM, direct them to the Provo Police Department (311 or 801-852-6200). The police will assist in getting them services if they have a photo ID. We can also refer them to the Food & Care Coalition 299 E. 900 S. Provo (801-373-1825).

2. Managing Passwords: Don Kimball

FHC Presentation – Passwords

3. New Indexing Program: Jeanne and Bob Gunnell

Web Based Indexing

Web Based Indexing is the new indexing program that is a part of the FamilySearch website. Right now it is slowly being rolled out to new users – a process which they hope to have completed by the end of summer. There is still a need to finish indexing and arbitrating projects on the old program which needs to be done before they can completely shut it down. Some of the advantages to the new program are that it is part of FamilySearch and is accessed through FamilySearch. This makes it possible to index on tablets, iPads, and Chromebook because you don’t need to download the program. For those with indexing callings the reporting is easier because it is based on your LDS Account info. You can also form your own indexing groups and work on specific projects. It is also easier to keep track of your individual progress.

To access this program you log into familysearch.org. Under the indexing button you go into Web Indexing. This takes you to the page where you can see messages, see your progress and go into batches. When you go into find batches you can set your preferences and then you can mark the star on batches you like to set them as your favorites and access them easier. By clicking on the image next to the project name it will show you an example.

When you open a batch the project instructions will open and you can review those. They can also be accessed various ways from the indexing page. A very helpful tool is found if you click the help button and go to labs. It is the “Show Me How-Guided Help” tool and to use it click the box where it says active. This will show you where to find the various features and tools on the program. As long as it is on it will also work in Family Tree. A couple of other nice features again found in the help section are the “Keyboard Shortcuts” which is a list of shortcuts for Windows & Mac and also the “Share Batch” & “Open Shared Batch” that allow you to share the batch you are working on with a helper and they can see exactly what it is you are working on.

The best way I’ve found to get familiar with this program is to go in and play around with it getting used to the differences between it and the old program. Until you are invited to join you should be able to access the beta version move around in there.

Closing Prayer: Thayle Wilkins



Author: Orem Sunset Heights FHC

We offer one-on-one assistance with family history research, free access to subscription websites and classes on FamilySearch, Family Tree, subscription websites and various research topics. Open Hours Monday, Thursday and Friday: 10 am to 4 pm Tuesday and Wednesday: 10 am to 4 pm and 6:30 pm to 9 pm

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