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Staff Meeting 3-14-17

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Sunset Heights Multistake Family History Center

Staff Meeting March 14, 2017


Welcome:  Brent Gardner

Opening Prayer:  Blaine Hall

Spiritual Thought:  Rod Cuthbert

Rod bore a strong testimony that life continues beyond the veil. He then showed a video focusing on the promised blessings of doing family history and temple work.

Staff changes:  Kerri Andersen, Beth Wright, David Patten, Norman and Becky McClellan


March 21, 11 am & 7 pm, Don Kussee, “Between the Censuses”

March 31, Native American Research CANCELLED

April 4, 11 am & 7 pm, Patron Class, “Help from Roots Tech 2017”

April 10, 11:30 am, Moms and Tots

April 11, 7 pm, Staff Meeting

April 18, 11 am and 7 pm, Elder James Tanner “Changes to Family Search Person Page”



1.  Dealing with transients: Brent Gardner

 Transients or individuals seeking aid should be directed to the Transition Services Office at the Deseret Industries, 1415 North State Street in Provo.  Their phone number is 801-818-6156. The office is open 10 am-3 pm Monday thru Friday.  After 3 PM, direct them to either the Orem Police Department (801-229-7070) or the Provo Police Department (311 or 801-852-6200). The police will assist in getting them services if they have a photo ID.

 2. Working with Patrons:Pat Cuthbert

Pat reminded us that when we work with new patrons, one way to invite the Spirit of Elijah is to have them tell us a story about one of their ancestors. She made it clear that patrons are not interested in hearing stories about our ancestors.New Printers & How to Select One:Don Kimball

 3. New Printer /Scanner: Don Kimball

Don created a presentation showing the various copying and scanning features of our new printers and how to use them.



4. Elder James TannerFHC Presentation – New Scanner Printer (2)

Elder Tanner introduced us to a new APP called Pedigree Pie. It can be found in the FamilySearch APP Gallery. It links you to your FamilySearch data and shows ethnicity percentages back to your 6x great grandparents.

He also talked about 3 ways to access others’ trees as a helper.

  1. Ask for the person’s ID and their parents’ IDs. Disadvantage is that if you make any changes, your name will be identified as the person making the change, not the person whose tree it is.
  2. Get the person’s helper number and log in.
  3. Use the new Consultant Planner to invite others to let you see their tree. This is a great new tool. To access, go to Get Help on the home page, and then click on Help Others. With just the person’s name and email address, you can send an email invite. If they accept, you can then see their tree, do preliminary research, and create lesson plans to help teach them how to find names to take to the temple. Another advantage of this approach is that their tree will remain accessible to you for however long you desire.

Elder Tanner spent the remaining few minutes introducing the class to the Family History Guide. This is a powerful new resource to learn how to do genealogy. It is the most comprehensive training aid now for users of FamilySearch. It is structured, sequential, and authorized by the Church curriculum department for instruction is Church classes. It is useful for the beginner who needs to learn the most basic procedures, such as how to use a mouse, to the most experienced researcher who may need guidance in researching foreign countries. You can also choose which language you would prefer to view. It has already been made available for use on laptops and will shortly be available for use on mobile devices. To access, just go to thefhguide.com.


Closing Prayer: Everett Young



Author: Orem Sunset Heights FHC

We offer one-on-one assistance with family history research, free access to subscription websites and classes on FamilySearch, Family Tree, subscription websites and various research topics. Open Hours Monday, Thursday and Friday: 10 am to 4 pm Tuesday and Wednesday: 10 am to 4 pm and 6:30 pm to 9 pm

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