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August 9, 2016 Staff Meeting

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Staff Meeting Summary:

Director Ken Fugal shared the following:

Wilford Woodruff, while President of the Church, was able to speak with Joseph Smith in the Spirit World. Wilford: “Why are you in such a hurry?” Joseph: “I will tell you. Every dispensation that has had the priesthood on the earth has had a certain amount of work to do to prepare to go to the earth with the Savior. Each dispensation has had ample time. We have not. We are in the last dispensation, and so much work has to be done, and we need to be in a hurry to accomplish it.”  (Discourses of Wilford Woodruff p. 288-89) In the Doctrine and Covenants, the Lord said, “Behold, I will hasten my work in its time”. President Thomas S. Monson in the June 2014 Ensign, tells us: We, as spirit children of our Heavenly Father, were sent to earth at this time that we might participate in hastening this great work.

The Lord has never, to my knowledge, indicated that His work is confined to mortality. Rather, His work embraces eternity. I believe He is hastening His work in the spirit world. I also believe that the Lord, through His servants there, is preparing many spirits to receive the gospel. Our job is to search out our dead and then go to the temple and perform the sacred ordinances that will bring to those beyond the veil the same opportunities we have.

Every good Latter-day Saint in the spirit world is busy, said President Brigham Young (1801–77). “What are they doing there? They are preaching, preaching all the time, and preparing the way for us to hasten our work in building temples here and elsewhere.”

Regarding our ancestors who have passed on without a knowledge of the gospel, President Joseph F. Smith (1838–1918) declared, “Through our efforts in their behalf their chains of bondage will fall from them, and the darkness surrounding them will clear away, that light may shine upon them and they shall hear in the spirit world of the work that has been done for them by their children here, and will rejoice with you in your performance of these duties”.

There are millions upon millions of spirit children of our Heavenly Father who never heard the name of Christ before dying and going into the spirit world. But now they have been taught the gospel and are awaiting the day when you and I will do the research necessary to clear the way so that we can go into the house of the Lord and perform for them the work that they themselves cannot perform.

Monthly Business:

  1. Keypad and building fobs– Keys have been replaced by fobs in the Sunset Heights Stake Center. The FHC keypad on the outside door is functioning and there is also a lock feature in place. We will continue to leave the door locked and have patrons use the bell.
  1.  Sign In /Sign Out Issues
  • Some staff members are signing in and out multiple times during the same shift.  Please use the the bypass the sign in when moving to another computer so you don’t have to sign in again. You can also do this for patrons who want to move to another computer.
  • Missionaries should select Orem Utah Mission rather than the stake to which they are assigned. Please remind them of this.
  •  If you sign in and out on the computer, don’t sign the roll for a class or for staff meeting. We will take roll for the staff meeting so unless you are on the Tuesday evening shift, don’t sign in on the computer.
  1. Calendar and upcoming classes:

August 16, 11 11 AM and 7 PM, Census Records, Instructor: Marilyn Ellis
September 5, Closed, Labor Day
September 6, 11 AM and 7 PM, Untangling the Mess in Family Tree, Instructor: James Tanner
September 13, Staff Meeting, 7 pm
September 19, 11:30- 12:30 PM, Moms and Tots, Instructor: Kenni Wilcox
September 20, 11 AM and 7 PM, Researching the Women on Your Family Tree, Instructor: Marilyn Thomsen


  1. Working with Patrons– Pat Cuthbert- Engaging Patrons

Pat led a discussion of how to engage the patrons. You start with doorbell. A staff member who is the least busy should quickly respond by picking a parking tag and going to door. Patrons should be cheerfully greeted and if they don’t have a parking tag already; the staff member will wait at the door while they go back to their car. Then the staff welcomes them and introduces themselves. As the patron enters the room, all staff should turn to welcome them. The escort will visit with the patron to see what their level of knowledge is and what they hope to accomplish today. They should first sign into the Center, and be reminded to sign out at the end of their session. The escort will establish if the patron needs teaching or just reminded we are there to help if they have questions. For the most part the patron needs to be the one in charge of operating the computer and mouse. Stephen Rockwood is the new CEO of Family Search. He is carrying on with Dennis Brimhall’s plan to “turn Family Search upside down” by engaging patrons with pictures and stories instead of charts and information. Change is part of the process and we must move forward with positive attitudes.

  1. Tech Tips– Don Kimball

Click to view presentation:  Don Kimball Backups

  1. A Few Techno-Facts about FamilySearch Tree– Cheryl Fugal

Click to view presentation:  A few techno-facts about FamilySearch Tree


A few notes random notes from the BYU Family History and Genealogy Conference.

Hints and Searching on Family Tree

  1. When you search from the person page on Family Tree, the search engine takes into account the alternate names that have been added for that individual.
  2. When Hints are generated for an individual, the search engine uses all the information about that individual as well as information about the individual’s close family. According to Robert Kehrer, the Hints feature finds ‘golden stuff’- records about the individual that searching from the person page won’t find.
  3. If a new individual is added to Family Tree, hints are generated in 10 minutes.

FH Consultants

  1. Soon there will be a Helper Portal that will make it easier to assist others.
  2. A comment made by one of the presenters at the conference was, “FH consultants who don’t recruit people to help are kind of like missionaries who sit in the church and wait for people to come to them”.

Mobile Apps

  1. Updates are made to the Family Tree App every 2 weeks. You should have you phone set on auto update in order to always be using the latest version.
  2. Project manager Todd Powell said the most effective way to engage youth is by using the mobile apps to introduce family history.
  3. You can do 85% on the mobile apps of what you can do on the computer. Merging duplicates and the icons for Data Problems/ Research Suggestions are coming.

Source Linker

  1. Changes are coming to make it easier, faster and more interactive.
  2. FamilySearch has some high quality trees. They don’t want to show sources for these on the same level as FamilySearch’s historical records, but eventually you will know when you have a hint from one of these genealogies.
  3. You may eventually be able to change existing data on your tree from source linker.

Personalized Home Page

  1. To try out the new home page, go to familysearch.org/lihp-arches. To change permanently to the new home page, go to familysearch.org/lihp/arches/1.
  2. There will be an activity feed of what’s happening on your tree.
  3. Recommended Tasks will be based on your skill level that will be determined by your past activity on Family Tree.


You can now send messages through the FamilySearch.org messaging system to the contributor of a GEDCOM in the Genealogies section, if that person is known.


Next Staff Meeting: September 13 






Author: Orem Sunset Heights FHC

We offer one-on-one assistance with family history research, free access to subscription websites and classes on FamilySearch, Family Tree, subscription websites and various research topics. Open Hours Monday, Thursday and Friday: 10 am to 4 pm Tuesday and Wednesday: 10 am to 4 pm and 6:30 pm to 9 pm

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