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April 12, 2016 Staff Meeting

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Staff Meeting Summary

Assistant director Brent Gardner shared the following:
There is value in repetition when teaching. The Angel Moroni visited the Prophet Joseph Smith four times in a row with the exact same message concerning the coming forth of the Book of Mormon. During those visits, he quoted Malachi about the hearts of the children turning to their fathers. In our day, Elders Neil L. Andersen, David A. Bednar and Dale G. Renlund have repeated the message that we should prepare as many names as we perform temple ordinances. At Roots Tech 2016, Elder Renlund stated: “Brothers and Sisters, I promise you protection for you and your families as you take this challenge to ‘find as many names to take to the temple as ordinances you perform in the temple, and teach others to do the same.’”

Monthly Business:

1. FHC Staff
Staff Changes

  • We thank Joy Stubbs, from the Cherry Hill 6th Ward, for many years of service in our family history center. Joy has been serving as assistant director from the Cherry Hill Stake and on the Tuesday morning shift. She has been responsible for classes and discovery experiences for the Center, written curriculum for our Moms and Tots classes and has done a myriad of other wonderful things.
  • Penee Arnett, from Vineyard 2nd Ward, who serves on Tuesday evening, is leaving to serve a mission. Thank you, Penee.
  • Genan Anderson, from Lakeview 6th Ward, who serves on Wednesday afternoon, is leaving to serve a mission. Thank you, Genan.

Staff Needs

  • Tuesday evening- brother, sister or a couple
  • Wednesday evening- brother
  • Thursday morning- 2 brothers, 2 sisters or a couple
  • Thursday afternoon- 2 brothers, 2 sisters or a couple

2. Calendar and upcoming classes:

Upcoming classes











3. Reordering details page sections:

Did you know you can now change the order of the sections on a person’s details page?
The smaller sections on the right can also be collapsed or reordered. Just click the gear icon (located in the upper right) so you can reorder the sections. (When you click the gear icon, hash marks appear in the upper right of each section, and the gear icon spins.) You can drag the sections to the order you prefer. You may find it easier to drag a Details pagesection to a new position if you collapse it first. When you have finished, click the gear icon again to save your changes.
The way to expand and collapse a section is now an arrow rather than text that says “Open” or “Close.” If the arrow points down, the section is expanded and displays all the information for that section. If the arrow points to the right, the section is collapsed. To see the information in a collapsed section, click the arrow.
FamilySearch Blog, What’s New on FamilySearch—February 2016


1. Working with Patrons– Pat Cuthbert
Pat summarized from an article by Lisa McBride, A Director’s Essential Role in Hastening the Work, from the Family Search Blog. “The scriptures speak of things being effectual, such an “effectual door.” The word “effectual” means to be successful in producing a desired or intended result. Think about yourself. How can you be an effectual … as you help Church members with their sacred duty to find and take their ancestors’ names to the temple? Our first answer may typically be to learn the software or organize a well-trained staff. While these things are important, personal spiritual preparation may be the most important step you can take. Remember to use prayer to invite the Holy Ghost to be with you in your family history center. Beginning each shift with prayer should be practiced in all family history centers. Invite your community staff to pray with you. This isn’t a requirement, but you may find that they appreciate knowing the blessings of heaven are being called down to assist them in their work that day. When possible, it is appropriate to offer a simple, quiet prayer with each Church member as you begin working together. Invite the Spirit in each interaction. ”
Read the entire article:

2. Tech Tips- Google Translate Mobile App– Don Kimball
Google Translate is a smartphone or tablet app that allows you to translate from one language to another. It can translate text and speech back and forth, and it can even translate text live by pointing your device’s camera at the foreign language text.
Not much of a traveler? Try it out on a foreign language family history document. Headers on census documents, foreign newspapers, marriage licenses, etc. in languages such as German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish and many other can be translated to English by using this app and holding up your phone to the computer screen.
Google Translate is available on iTunes (for iPhone & iPad) and Google Play (for Android). For more information go to: https://translate.google.com/about/intl/en_ALL/index.html

3. Merging in Family Tree– Elder James Tanner
Elder Tanner said, “It so happens that the merging issue is the most visible of the issues still facing FamilySearch.org as a consequence of the inheritance from the old new.FamilySearch.org program.”
Learn more about this issue on James Tanner’s blog:

Next Staff Meeting: May 10


Author: Orem Sunset Heights FHC

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