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October 13, 2015 Staff Meeting

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Staff Meeting Summary

Director Ken Fugal shared the following:

Prosperity for Obedience  
While recently listening to a Sealer in the temple perform the great sealing ordinances, I was deeply impressed by the promised blessings from such ordinances. This got me thinking about other promised blessings that come from obedience to certain commandments. Here are six of those commandments:

1.Tithing– Malachi 3:10-11
“…pour you out a blessing…rebuke the devourer…will be called blessed…and you shall be a delightsome land…”

2.Fast Offering– Isaiah 58: 6-11
“…thy health shall spring forth speedily…the Lord shall be thy rereward (or rearguard)…and the Lord shall guide thee continually…and thou shalt be…like a spring of water whose waters fail not.”

3.Sabbath Day– Isaiah 58: 13-14
“…I will cause thee to ride upon the high places of the earth…” And in D&C 59: 16-19   “…the fullness of the earth is yours.”

4.Word of Wisdom– D&C 89: 18-21
“…health… wisdom…knowledge…treasures…run and not be weary…destroying angel shall pass by them…”

5.Prayer– Alma 34: 17-28 to the poor Zoramites
“…crops of your field…prosper…flocks of your fields… may increase…”
And in 3 Nephi 18: 21
“…that your wives and your children may be blessed.”

6.Temple– D&C 84 gives the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood. In verse 38 are promises that can only be fulfilled in temple ordinances: “…he that receiveth my Father receiveth my Father’s kingdom; therefore all that my Father hath shall be given unto him.”
These are blessings any thinking people would desire.                                                      

Monthly Business:

  1. Staff Changes
  • Blaine Hall from the Cherry Hill 5th Ward will be serving on Monday mornings.
  • Our thanks to Vernon Christopherson, who has been serving on Thursday afternoon. Vernon and his wife have received a mission call.
  1. Upcoming classes:
  • October 19, 11 am -12:30 pm, Moms and Tots Doing Family HistoryMoms and Tots
  • October 20, 11 am and 7 pm, The Family History Guide- Joy Stubbs
  • November 3, 11 am and 7 pm, Finding Your Ancestors Using Advanced Google Searches- Elder Van Celaya, from the Riverton FamilySearch Library. Elder Van Celaya is making a trip to our Center 2 times to teach this class. Please make a special effort to attend one of his presentations.
  • November 17, 11 am and 7 pm, Interviewing Family Members- Brent Gardner 


  1. Working with Patrons– Upgrading Staff Skills- Pat Cuthbert shared a list of suggestions for upgrading our skills as staff in the family history center. Click on the link to view the document. Upgrading Staff Skills
  1. Tech Tips– Uploading Audio Files to Family Tree- Don Kimball gave instructions on how to upload audio files to FamilySearch Family Tree. Click on the link to view the presentation. FHC Presentation – Audio Memories
  1. Understanding DNA and DNA Testing– Cheryl Fugal gave an overview of DNA and the types of DNA testing that can be done to assist in family history research. Click on the link to view the presentation. understanding-dna-and-dna-testing

Please contact the presenter if you have questions about these presentations.

For Your Information:

  1. The Family History Guide is now available.

(http://www.thefhguide.com/)  More on this at the November staff meeting. Also on October 20, Joy Stubbs will be teaching a class on this new guide designed to help us in doing family history.

  1. You can now search partner sites from the person page on Family Tree.

Just click the partner site logo in the Search Records section, and the system will use the information from your Search Recordsancestor’s record to search the partner site’s records. The search results on the partner site will open in a new browser tab. You can close that tab when you finish and return to your place in FamilySearch.org. If you sign in using your LDS Account (so the system knows you are a member of the Church) but you don’t have an account with the partner site, the system will pop up a message alerting you that you can get a free account on the partner’s website.

Next Staff Meeting: November 10

Center Closings:

  • Nov 25, closed after 1 pm- Nov 28, Thanksgiving
  • Dec 21-Jan 1, Christmas, No classes or staff meeting in December



Author: Orem Sunset Heights FHC

We offer one-on-one assistance with family history research, free access to subscription websites and classes on FamilySearch, Family Tree, subscription websites and various research topics. Open Hours Monday, Thursday and Friday: 10 am to 4 pm Tuesday and Wednesday: 10 am to 4 pm and 6:30 pm to 9 pm

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