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August 11 Staff Meeting

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Staff Meeting Summary

Director Ken Fugal shared the following:

We come to earth to start an eternal family. We are a bridge to our parents and our children.
Elder Gerald N. Lund, an emeritus General Authority from the Seventy, recently stated:
“Surely those who have passed beyond can see more clearly through the veil back here to us than…for us to see them…I believe we move and have our being in the presence of heavenly messengers…(I might add that among these are our own beloved family).
“Their love for us and desire for our well-being must be greater than we feel for ourselves.”
He then pointed out how they serve us: “They are watching over us, seeing what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong, and trying to care for us and influence us.”
He concluded by saying:
“Our ancestors are interested in us in more ways than just getting ordinances done.”
(Church News August 2, 2015, page 5)
From what I have read, as soon as we pass to the next life we will have happy reunions.
In D&C130:2, we read, “That same sociality which exists among us here will exist among us there, only it will be coupled with eternal glory, which glory we do not now enjoy.”
I believe we will enjoy wonderful music, the gorgeous works of nature and we will be put to work:

  1. To watch over our children and grandchildren as noted above.
  2. To help find records of the deceased and organize them.
  3. Help record ordinances performed in the temples.
  4. Men will do missionary work among men and women will do missionary work among women.

Monthly Business:

1.Upcoming classes:

Tuesday, August 18, 11 AM repeated at 7 PM, Browsing in FamilySearch Historical Records, Instructor: Mary Ryan
Tuesday, August 25, 7 PM, Family History Helps for Missionaries and Prospective Missionaries, Instructors: Ken & Cheryl Fugal
Tuesday, September 1, 11 AM repeated 7 PM, Crafting a Better Search, Instructor: Allan Hale

2.  There are 2 wireless connections available in the building:

LDS Wireless– this connection is available in most all the rooms in all LDS buildings. The wireless key is Pioneer47.
FHC Wireless– this connection is available in the Center and the wireless key is the Center phone number without the dashes, beginning with 801. This number is available on the information sheet on the bulletin board in the Center.


  1. Upcoming Changes to Family Tree– Cheryl Fugal  Upcoming changes to Family Tree
  2. Discovering your pioneers using LDS Records– Joy Stubbs   LDSRecords

Take a moment and write about how you gained your testimony or overcame challenges with the Lord’s help.
Select an ancestor and find out more about him or her. Use one or more of the sources listed on the handout
“It remains the responsibility of each individual to know his kindred dead . . . Even if the [temple] work is done, then it is still each person’s responsibility to study and become acquainted with his ancestors.” President Joseph Fielding Smith
Quoted in James B. Allen, Jessie L Embry and Kahlile B Mehr, Hearts turned to the Fathers: A History of the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1894-1994, 184
“Though times and circumstances have changed, the principles for facing trials and successfully living together as a caring and prospering community under God have not changed.”
President Dieter F Uchtdorf, July 2015 Ensign

For Your Information:

This week an email was sent to all stake presidencies, bishops and other leaders in our stakes concerning 2 classes that will be offered on how family history can be used to support missionary efforts, retention and activation. Both classes will be taught in the Primary room of the Sunset Heights Stake Center. Feel free to share information about these classes with your ward members.

Missionary Discovery Classes

















Center Closed: Monday, September 7

Next Staff Meeting: September 8


Author: Orem Sunset Heights FHC

We offer one-on-one assistance with family history research, free access to subscription websites and classes on FamilySearch, Family Tree, subscription websites and various research topics. Open Hours Monday, Thursday and Friday: 10 am to 4 pm Tuesday and Wednesday: 10 am to 4 pm and 6:30 pm to 9 pm

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