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June 9 Staff Meeting

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Staff Meeting Summary

Director Ken Fugal shared the following:

The Mission of Elijah in the Restoration

I was recently pondering Elijah and his role in the restoration. As I read another church’s views on Elijah’s role in preparing for the Savior’s second coming, it was a bit confusing to me. So I studied what our leaders have said and these are my conclusions:
1. The Father and the Son appeared to Joseph Smith.
2. Then, Moroni revealed the location of the Book of Mormon.
3. John the Baptist restored the Aaronic Priesthood.
4. Peter, James, and John restored the Melchizedek Priesthood.
5. Moses gave the keys for the gathering of the Jews to Palestine and the gathering of the House of Israel, specifically Ephraim and Manasseh.
6. Finally, Elijah appeared to Joseph Smith April 3, 1836 in the Kirtland Temple.
Regarding the mission of Elijah, Elder Richard G. Scott said:  “Many of your ancestors died never having the chance to accept the gospel and receive the blessings and promises you have received. The Lord is fair and loving. So He prepared a way for us to offer our ancestors all the blessings He has offered us. The plan to make that possible was in place from the beginning.”
Elijah did not restore keys which applied to the dead only. He restored the sealing powers of the priesthood, which included the power to bind all, whether living or dead, by the ordinances performed in the temples.
Elder Bruce R. McConkie further stated, “Through these keys the hearts of the children have turned to their fathers.”
Thus the mission of Elijah was to restore the keys of the sealing ordinances for us and our dead.

Monthly Business:

  1. Adult groups can now schedule to come into the Center on Thursday evenings. Bob and Jeanne Gunnell are heading this up. Go to https://sunsetheightsfhc.wordpress.com/click on Scheduling Groups.
  1. All FHC classes on now on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at 11 A.M. and repeated at 7 P.M. Please encourage attendance in your wards. See the ads for June and July classes below.
  1. If you are going to be gone for your shift please inform the others on your shift beforehand that you will be gone. Most of our shifts now have 4 workers and this makes it much easier to be gone. Remember that we need 2 staff members present to be open and we need to be gender sensitive. You may need to call a sub from one of the staff members posted on the bulletin board or the blog. We really appreciate you taking this responsibility as a part of your assignment at the Center.
  1. We wish much success to Priscilla Stutz as she leaves us to serve as a family history missionary in the Ghana Accra Mission.


1. Working with Patrons- Pat Cuthbert
Pat posed the question, How can we invite people to come to the Center? Answers generated included-
Invite our own ward members.
Invite those we home or visit teach.
When we invite someone suggest to them that if they are not able to come while we are serving, we would be willing to arrange a time to meet them.
Invite people to come and upload photos directly to Family Tree from our scanner.
If you are not seeing the advertisements for the classes in your ward bulletin, please contact Sharlene Gardner.

2. Tech Tips: Don Kimball
It’s very important that you review the attached PowerPoint presentation given by Don that includes Family History Center clean-up, using the Sign In-Out and the display switch on computer 12 to use the projector.
FHC Cleanup – Sign In-Out – Display Switcher

3. Historical Records on FamilySearch- Cheryl Fugal
If you are not searching the individual data bases in the Historical Records Collection on FamilySearch.org you are probably missing a lot of records on your family.
Historical Records on FamilySearch 2015

 For Your Information:

Make sure you check out Orem Utah Sunset Heights Family History Center on Facebook and Like us.

The Center will be closed on Friday, July 3

Next Staff Meeting: July 14

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Author: Orem Sunset Heights FHC

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