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April 14, 2015 Staff Meeting

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Staff Meeting Summary

Director Ken Fugal Shared the following:

I have two stories I would like to tell illustrating mankind’s yearnings in the hereafter, and their belief and hope for eternal marriage.

The first: Every month I receive a magazine from the University of Notre Dame. In the latest edition there is a story written by a Catholic husband detailing the trials and challenges of his marriage, and he and his wife have had many. They both came from rough childhoods. They are trying hard to love and respect each other as they raise their family. I was especially touched as he concluded his writing by saying: “I pray, help me reach out to her across the patches of temporary insanity we can’t seem to avoid. Hold us together when we can’t do it ourselves. Keep her near, for I long to turn to those fierce eyes of hers forever.”
The second: Cheryl found a picture of her ancestor’s headstone. It says:
Alonzo B and Bessie N Lucore
Alonzo B   1901-1982          Bessie N   1902-1972

Now there is something wrong with this. What might it be? (this is a trick question) Hint: they were not members of the Church.

Alonzo grew up on a ranch in Colorado and Bessie grew up in Nebraska. They married in 1926 in Colorado and had 5 children. So for this headstone inscription to be true, Monday, Cheryl reserved their temple ordinances. How gratifying to be doers in helping these people fulfill their wishes.

Monthly Business:

1. New Staff Members

  • Rudi Lehnardt from the Sunset Heights 7th Ward, serving on Tuesday afternoon
  • Betty Matheney, Cherry Hill 6th Ward, serving Wednesday morning
  • Mary Ryan, SH 5th Ward, serving Wednesday afternoon
  • Thayle Wilkins, Vineyard 4th Ward, serving Tuesday evening

2. Marilyn Thomson is moving and will serve her last day in the Center on April 15. She has been involved with the Center for many years, taught classes, been our resident professional genealogist and has served as the Director. We are so sorry to lose her!

3. Make sure you check out Sunset Heights Family History Center on Facebook and Like us.

4. On Tuesday, April 21 at 11 AM and Thursday, April, 23 at 7 PM, a FamilySearch employee, Todd Powell, will be teaching a class at our Center on how to use FamilySearch apps on our mobile devices.


  1. Working with Patrons: Best use of our time as FHC staff – Pat Cuthbert
    President Henry B. Erying in his April 2015 conference talk, The Comforter, said, “ I give my witness that the living Christ sends the Holy Ghost, the Comforter, to those we are pledged to help Him comfort.” If we apply this to our patrons as we help them, how would we answer the question, what is the best use of our time as FHC staff? How can we succor them?
    Staff comments:
    Make them feelwelcome- all staff should turn around and greet each patron.Encourage them toshare- they really don’t want to know about our great grandpa’s.Encourage them to write down what they have done in the Center. Perhaps use one of the  research logs available in the closet and even write down your name so they will remember who they have worked with.
  2. Tech Tips: File Extensions- Craig Doxey  What is a File Extension
  3. Managing your Temple Work– Larry Jensen: To Share a Reservation with Family or Friends
    • Check the box next to any ancestor reservation you would like to give to a friend or family member to complete. ClickShare and Share with Family or Friends.
    • Enter the name and email address of the family or friend recipient, and then click Send.
    • Shared reservations will be marked with an envelope icon and remain on your reservation list until they are accepted by your family or friend.
    • When accepted, the reservation will disappear from your list. If your invitation is not accepted in 2 weeks, the share envelope icon will be removed, allowing you to print, share, or unreserve your ancestor reservation again.

For Your Information:

  1. Our microfilm project is in its golden age. Please be gentle. The Church is no longer replacing these projectors so when ours can no longer be repaired it will not be replaced.
  1. If you’ve logged in to Family Tree lately and thought “Wow. That looks different,” you’re right: The Traditional Pedigree view on FamilySearch has received a major upgrade that adds a new look and easier access to key information. This updated look is being slowly rolled out at random to some members of the FamilySearch community. Right now only about 5% of users can see the changes.  https://familysearch.org/blog/en/traditional/
  1. Need help on how to exchange details between Ancestry and Family Tree? https://familysearch.org/blog/en/exchange-details-ancestry-family-tree-2/

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Next Staff Meeting: May 5- Note that this is a week earlier than our usual second Tuesday.


Author: Orem Sunset Heights FHC

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