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Microfilms and Microfiche at the Sunset Heights Family History Center and New Name Tags

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microfilmMicrofilm and Microfiche

Because we don’t have a lot of microfilms and microfiche ordered into the Sunset Heights FHC, you might not be aware of how patrons who have ordered films can be helped.  These films are ordered online with a credit card through the FamilySearch Catalog by the patron. They can be ordered as either short-term or extended films.

The microfilm/microfiche cabinet in our Center is located in the auxiliary room. Short-term films are put into the top drawer. Extended films are added to the films in the lower drawers in numerical order. Microfiche are in the bottom drawer.

When we receive a film, it is checked in by the director and an email is sent to the patron. When the patron comes to the Center and requests that film, they should be directed to the cabinet to retrieve it. If it is a short-term film they should return it to the top drawer when they are finished. If it is an extended film, they should put it back in numerical order where it will be available for the next time they want to use it.

For your information here the microfilm and microfiche loan types:
Short-term (microfilm only): 90-day duration, beginning when the order ships ($7.50); can be renewed for an additional 60-day duration but does not automatically convert to extended loan renewals ($7.50)
Extended (microfilm & microfiche) – does not have a defined return date and is kept at the Center indefinitely ($18.75 for film and $4.75 for fiche)

The microfilm/microfiche viewers are located in the closet next to the Lexmark printer. If help is needed using the viewers call one of the directors or assistant directors.

New Name Tags

As our Center name has changed from Tri-Stake to Multi-Stake, new name tags are being ordered for all staff members. Check the clipboard in the Center to make sure your name is as you want it to appear on the tag and indicate the type of attachment you would prefer. Please do this the next time you are in the Center.


Author: Orem Sunset Heights FHC

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